Why Admission Essays Are Used to Assess College Applicants

Why Admission Essays Are Used to Assess College Applicants

When admitting their preferred scholars, colleges, and universities in the united states rely on three criteria to determine the qualified applicants and their disqualified counterparts. These are:

  1. Prior coursework activities – the institution may review your preparatory activities or set a standard GPA (grade point average) as the qualification bar.
  2. Test scores – Some colleges also rely on a set of standard scores as a standard to identify the best students. The most reputable tests are ACT and SAT.
  3. Admission essays – This category is prevalent among US colleges and universities. Writing this essay allows you to differentiate yourself from fellow applicants as it helps you uniquely communicate your abilities.

What Is an Admission Essay?

Also referred to as a statement of purpose, or application essays, these documents are usually written by prospective scholars seeking admission in a college, graduate school, or university. It allows you to ‘sell yourself’ to your preferred college’s admissions board. Through it, you’ll outline your skills, academic goals, and talents to convince them that you deserve a place in their institution.

There are no standard requirements or instructions for admission essays. Some institutions will require you to write more than one paper, while others consider this part of the application as a supplementary. The themes and structures are also diverse, from open-ended to uniquely specific ones.

Why an Admission Essay?

Writing this crucial document reveals your best attributes. The admission team should be able to see why you stand out from the rest of the competitors.

A report by the National Association for College Admission Counselling has some eye-opening findings. The 2011 study titled State of the College Admission notes that the admission essay is moderately critical to the higher learning institutions in the united states.

Colleges and universities find this ideal, beating other effective admission criteria like grade, curriculum excellence, and standardized test scores. While all these factors may have an equal playground for applicants, scholars who deliver compelling content in this crucial assignment will definitely be advantageous.

Not only does a well-written essay make the difference, but an exhaustive, well-researched work could also tip the balance when you need it most. So, ensure you highlight your unique and informative attributes.

Getting It Right with Your Admission Essay

Considering how crucial the paper is, you must prepare adequately. Here are some tips to guide you on how to write a winning article:

  1. Maintain your uniqueness – Don’t struggle too hard to impress – be yourself. Colleges and universities alike seek to improve your strengths and inspire your weak areas. So ensure you stay unique and highlight your skills.
  2. Vary your word-count – Most of the time, there’s no restriction on the standard length. A rule of thumb is that you deliver as much information as possible interestingly.
  3. Maintain your voice – When you use a voice, you’ll communicate your personality and desires within the article. Add some jokes, and include different emotions to make your text unique.

Admission essays have their unique purpose of identifying personalities, inspirations, and lifelong goals of applicants. As such, you must communicate who you are and what makes you the right candidate. With all these tips, you can easily write a winning paper.

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