What Is Thesis in Essay Examples

What Is Thesis in Essay Examples?

From custom essays to all the different varieties of academic papers, crafting a strong thesis stamen is a necessary skill. It is mostly defined as the backbone of the piece and is crucial in forming the paper’s structural element. A thesis statement could comprise just one or two sentences, but its value to your academic article is immeasurable.

Strong thesis statements clearly highlight the subject’s scope, the writer’s view, and how they address the topic. A poorly written one, on the other hand, doesn’t take a position. Most of the time, it could be based on an individual’s view, or just a statement of a known fact.

Consider this statement, for instance:

“Dictatorship is a form of leadership.”

This is a weak thesis statement. It is an obvious fact, and the writer doesn’t take a stance.

Types and Examples of Thesis Statements

Throughout your academic life, you may come across different types of thesis statements. The text varies with course, academic level, and nature of the assignment. Here are the three conventional types:


Here, you must base your statement on factual information. The message is not based on personal views, or provide unconfirmed information. Instead, when a reader reads it, they should immediately know what the topic is. It also gives a preview of the key ideas addressed in the content; hence your reader will know what to anticipate.

Here is an example of a concise explanatory thesis statement:

To achieve good health, you must adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and sleep adequately.


When writing an argumentative statement, you must address a debatable topic by taking a stand. It is this position combined with the supporting evidence from the argument of your account. It is the exact opposite of the explanatory thesis statement considering you can choose a stance on the subject matter. You will then proceed to highlight the examples and evidence supporting your claims.

You can back your opinion using examples, reliable statistics, and other clues, all these forming the essay body. Here’s an example:

William Shakespeare condemns women’s powerless status through humor, social roles, and social roles in his book ‘Taming the Shrew.’


This unique statement involves the analysis and break-down of ideas into their respective segments. It also requires topic evaluation and a clear presentation of the assessment strategy. All these are presented to readers in a clear, concise way.

This sentence is an excellent example of an analytical thesis statement:

“The team settled on a policy to begin every workday two hours late, which enhanced the members’ focus and delivery in their games.”

It’s not easy to finally settle on a strong thesis statement since it is tedious and takes time. However, you still need to make your statement strong enough if you want an easier time writing or if you want your readers to enjoy their experience.

With the above tips and statement examples, you can easily create a strong thesis statement for your academic essays. Feel free to seek a reliable writing agency if you are still stuck and don’t know where to begin.

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