Information to Include in a Case Study Quizlet

Information to Include in a Case Study Quizlet

Case studies are written to offer readers a walkthrough of a problematic situation, the background details, and the suggested solutions to the issue. You also need to describe how you finally settled on your chosen solutions. The paper you write must inspire readers to generate their solutions or review the solutions that have already been adopted.

So, how to organize your content to present a clear picture of the situation? Read on to find out.

Writing A Winning Case Study

Getting everything right with your case study is not easy. But with the steps below, you’ll have an easier time

Define The Problem

Your paper’s contents must make your readers clearly understand the problem for which you are seeking a solution. The best thing to do would be to state the situation explicitly, then share the insights of an individual who’s been intimate with the issue.

The problem description creates a designated tone which your reader will consider while reading all the areas of your case study. As such, they end up expecting coverage of the presented information for deeper understanding.

Provide The Background

The term background basically refers to the information that made you identify the existing problem. This section comprises of facts and figures extracted from credible sources only. You’ll need to include everything pointing to the problem with the aid of pictures, audio recordings, video clips, charts, or graphs. Interview quotes are also appropriate, and you may need them alongside anecdotal information.

Enrich your readers with sufficient insights to help them draw their conclusions. You cannot dictate what they think, but just guide them through the different steps you took to finally settle for your outcome. Expect any reaction from them – some may make their conclusion while others may fault the logic you are trying to present.

Highlight The Solutions

In this part, you must discuss your solution then elaborates on the thought process that inspired it. The information must aptly guide your reader to follow the steps. You can also include your personal views and speculations. While you may use facts when deciding, there are several areas where you’ll need some speculative thinking.

Ensure you highlight all the critical elements that facilitated the solution derivation while remaining clear about the objectives.

Assess How the Group Responded to The Problem

If you are writing about a recent or current problem, chances are you may not have sufficient time to ascertain the effectiveness of the solution. But if the solution has been available for some time, then you’ll enjoy the opportunity to collect and evaluate facts. In this scenario, you’ll need to include a summary of the effectiveness of the solution.

Tell It All

When writing a case study, you’re basically describing a tale of a particular issue from inception to finding the appropriate fixes. The style of writing you choose will guide your reader as they analyze the problem as though they’re contributing to the project. Doing this will make your case study informative and captivating as well.

All these factors form part of your case study. In case you still feel stuck, and the assignment is almost due, feel free to talk to a reliable academic guidance agency.

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