What is Quora? And How You can Earn Money by Using Quora? (2023)

What is Quora? And How You can Earn Money by Using Quora? (1)

What is Quora? How does it work? How can you make money by using Quora? How to sign up for Quora? How to use Quora? What are the terms and conditions of Quora to earn money, etc? All these queries are answered in this article.

As this article is started with the questions and will end up with the answers. Quora works in the same way as this article. Unlike another writing platform, Quora is a simple question and answer platform where you can ask your question as well as you can answer the question of others. These questions are answered by the people who are experts at the particular topic. Similarly, if you are an expert at a particular question, you can answer that question.

You can sign up for Quora by using your Gmail and Facebook accounts. When you will search for Quora in the Google Search Engine, you will see Quora's official website, usually on top of the list. After you have clicked on the website, you will see the Sign in and Sign Up options. If you are already a Quora user, you can simply Sign in and if you are not, you can Sign up by using your Gmail or Facebook.

After the successful sign up you will see your Quora profile. It is very important to set your credentials to tell the people that you are an authentic, expert, and eligible person to use Quora. Credential include:

3.1. Name:

Add your official name or business name. It’s up to you how you want to set your profile. If you want to set it as blogging with a particular blog name, you can add it. For example, I set my profile with my official name. I don’t use a blog name for the profile. I will suggest you set a profile with your name because you will have another option for a blog. I will explain it in this article in the coming section.

3.2. Work details:

Add your work experience. It is again up to you how you want to set it. If you are multi-professional, you can add all your profession or you can add one which is the most relevant to your niche.

3.3. Education:

Add your education or diplomas. In the education section, you can add your skill as well. Because it will help people to find you based on your expertise.

3.4. Add location:

You can add your home location, workplace location, or simply add your country only.

To add credentials is optional. You can add your details or you can skip it. I will suggest you add your credentials because it will make your profile attractive to people. And it will help you to grow your audience.

What is Quora? And How You can Earn Money by Using Quora? (2)

Quora space is the main source of earning. You can say it is a blog. The thing you should know is, the profile is different and space is a different thing. Such as, we have accounts and publications on Medium side by side. In the same way, Quora profile and Space are different things. It is a must to create a space to monetize your account for earning. You have to add space credentials separately.

What is Quora? And How You can Earn Money by Using Quora? (3)

4.1. Monetization:

On the right side of your profile, you will see a monetization option—click on it—create space and enable all earning programs. It is as simple as I write here.

What is Quora? And How You can Earn Money by Using Quora? (4)

4.2. Earning sources:

Based on views and engagement on your content, you may get ads on your post/content. These ads are the primary source to earn money from Quora. Quora doesn’t pay you from its own pockets. So be very clear about the earning sources.

The main earning sources on Quora are as follows:

  • Ads: As I explained before. You may get ads on your post based on traffic.
  • Subscription: Subscription is another way to earn money on Quora. You will see the subscription option during the process of monetization, as described in the previous section. You can set a subscription fee for your space. People who will subscribe to you—will pay a particular fee for the subscription to get full access to your space content.
  • By advertising your website: Third way to earn on Quora is—to advertise your blog or website. Quora is an enormous source to send traffic to your website or blogs. If you have your website—you can share your article’s links on Quora to engage more traffic on your website. Such as, you can share your Medium article link on Quora as well.

Based on my experience, it is not difficult to get views on Quora. You will start getting views soon after you have posted a question or answer. However, it is somewhat difficult to get views in Quora Space. This account was created yesterday and I gain 976 views in one day.

What is Quora? And How You can Earn Money by Using Quora? (5)

There is no exact answer to this question. It varies from person to person. Some people earn after getting 6k views — some people earn after getting 1m views. The exact structure of views and earnings is not known. However, you can get an idea from the experience of people who works on Quora. For this purpose, you can check the answer of the people under the question ‘‘How Much You Earn On Quora Per Month?’’. You will see variety in their answer. Not all people earn the same amount of money. On average, it is 500$ to 1000$ per month.

Quora is the easy and finest platform to earn money online. However, there is a competition in Quora as well. But if you will be consistent in your work — you can achieve your goal in a small time. Not much effort is required, though, consistency. It is easy to build your blog or portfolio on Quora as compared to other platforms. If you can not spend much time on Quora — only give an hour or half-hour daily. Patience, hard work, and consistency are must required in every profession, skill, goal, or passion. Nothing happens in a day, or a night. If you are getting an opportunity to achieve your goal — investing a small quantity of time for it, is not a big deal. I hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any question, you can ask in the comment section.

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