Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India List (2023)

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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

A professional degree in engineering focuses mostly on the technical side of science. Engineering programmes are available at the diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in Indian engineering institutes. The top 10 engineering colleges in India can be commended for their achievements when considering the state of technological advancement today and the involvement of Indian students on a worldwide scale. Because of the job opportunities for engineers both domestically and internationally, B.Tech (UG Engineering Course) is regarded as one of the most attractive courses in the scientific stream in India.

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India Key Points

  • According to NIRF, IIT Madras is among the top 10 engineering colleges in India, followed by IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay, which are placed second and third, respectively.
  • The majority of India’s engineering colleges, or about 164 of them, are located in Bangalore and Chennai. The greatest engineering schools in Bangalore are IIIT Bangalore, PES University, and RV College of Engineering. Top engineering schools in Chennai include IIT Madras, Anna University, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, etc.
  • The best engineering schools in India for CSE are IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, and BITS Pilani. IIT Bombay, MIT Manipal, SRM University Chennai, and other top aerospace engineering schools are among those in India.
  • The majority of admissions are based on the results of national or state-level engineering entrance exams like JEE, GATE, TANCET, etc.
  • Some of the top engineering universities that don’t require JEE Mains are BITS Pilani, Anna University, and BMS College of Engineering.
  • While the average CTC is between INR 4 and 9 LPA, the typical course expenses range from INR 1,000 to INR 100,000. Top IITs and NITs snag the majority of the highest engineering placement packages. The richest package, worth INR 2.1 CPA, went to IIT Bombay.

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In India: NIRF Rankings

College NameNIRF 2020NIRF 2021NIRF 2022
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Madras111
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Delhi222
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Bombay333
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Kanpur444
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Kharagpur555
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Roorkee666
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Guwahati777
National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Tiruchirapalli998
Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT) Hyderabad889
National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Karnataka131010

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In India: Entrance Exams

On the basis of the student’s performance in several national or state-level entrance exams, top engineering institutes in India give admission. The prominent entrance tests for admission to the top engineering 10 colleges in India are listed below.

  • JEE Mains
  • JEE Advanced
  • KCET
  • GATE

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In India: About The Colleges

  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Madras

Not only have the students developed a solid technical basis but excellent teaching and advances in the field of engineering have also improved the effectiveness of the faculty and the students. Join the Class 12 online preparation batch at Adda247. According to the NIRF rating system, it is a globally renowned institution and is among the top 10 engineering colleges in India.

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  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi earned the second spot in the NIRF ranking of top 10 engineering colleges in India because of its effective faculty and top-notch course offerings. The knowledge offered is not only admirable but also enhanced technology, allowing both theoretical and practical understanding to advance at the same time. Over 500 organisations visit the campus to hire students, and placements are based on a process. More than 60% of students are chosen for offers that come with a dream package during the placement process, which takes place entirely on campus.

  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Bombay

It is among the top 10 engineering colleges in India according to the NIRF ranking methodology because it is one of India’s most well-known engineering institutions. Additionally, to having highly educated instructors, this institution uses cutting-edge teaching and practical application strategies. It is the IIT applicants’ ideal location.

The placement programme and professional board at IIT Bombay are not only effective but also offer outstanding statistics for advancing students’ careers.

  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Kanpur

The IIT Kanpur is praised for its extracurricular activities in addition to earning a spot in the top 10 of the NIRF rating academically.

Students develop their extracurricular skills in addition to their engineering knowledge. It provides the people with a meeting space and a sizable dining area. The rates of placement are exceptionally high, and the compensation packages rise arithmetically each year. International businesses occasionally provide packages measured in crores.

  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Kharagpur

Like all other IITs, it offers top-notch instruction from deserving instructors with advanced degrees in education and years of expertise. In addition, it is completely equipped with fans that are Wi-Fi and campus LAN compatible.

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For the convenience of the students, a washing machine is included, and each hostel has a separate mess hall. The highest packages, measured in lakhs, are given to the students, and the average batch income is roughly 15 LPA.

  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Roorkee

One of India’s top engineering colleges, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the sixth IIT to be established in the nation. In Roorkee, the main campus spans 365 acres. The Department of Civil Engineering is the oldest engineering department in India, having been founded in 1847.

  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Guwahati

The North Guwahati settlement of Amingaon is bordered by IIT Guwahati, which is situated on the Brahmaputra’s northern banks. It is among the top engineering colleges in India and is regarded as having the most gorgeous campus in the country. The facility is located on a 700-acre parcel of land about 20 kilometres from the city centre. It began operating in 1994. Numerous events and competitions are put on each year by the IIT Guwahati administration and students.

  • National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Tiruchirapalli

The autonomous public engineering institution NIT Trichy, formerly known as Regional Engineering College, was founded in 1964. (REC). The Institute is ranked eighth in the engineering category by the NIRF rankings for 2022. Engineering and technology-related courses are available at the doctoral, postdoctoral, and graduate levels at NIT Trichy.

  • Indian Institute Of Technology,(IIT) Hyderabad

The Government of Japan provided technical and financial support for the establishment of IIT Hyderabad in 2008. In all areas of science, engineering, design, and liberal arts, the Institute offers 9 undergraduate programmes, 20 postgraduate programmes, 5 M.Phil. programmes, and Ph.D. programmes. According to the NIRF ranking for 2022, the institute is placed 9th in the top 10 engineering colleges in India and 14th overall.

  • National Institute of Technology, (NIT) Karnataka

One of the top 10 engineering colleges in India, according to the NIRF 2022 rankings, is NIT Surathkal. The institute also achieved 27th place in the category for Overall performance. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes are available at the college. The institute primarily offers B.Tech., M.Tech., MCA, MBA, M.Sc., and Ph.D. programmes. About fifteen departments, including Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics, Civil Engineering, Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Metallurgical and Material Engineering, etc., are part of the college.

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Top 10 Medical Colleges in India

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Top 10 Engineering Colleges In India: FAQs

Ques 1. Which is one of the top 10 engineering colleges in India?

Ans. The IITs are widely regarded as India’s top universities for engineering education. As a result, various rankings place IIT Madras as the top engineering college in India.

Ques 2. How much does the typical course price cost for engineering students in India?

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Ans. It has been discovered that more than 60% of engineering colleges levy annual course fees of at least 5 lakh. The actual costs will differ depending on the college, with government engineering colleges charging far less than private engineering colleges.

Ques 3. After earning a B.Tech in mechanical engineering, what are the top 3 specialisations that can be pursued?
Ans. For students pursuing a B.Tech in mechanical engineering, the top specialisations available are nanotechnology, mechanics, mechatronics, and robotics.

Ques 4. Which three careers in engineering offer the best chances for graduates?
Ans. Software engineering, mechanical engineering, and design engineering are three of the most sought-after employment paths for engineering students.

Ques 5. What BTech college offers the best package?
Ans. It is one of the highest average incomes offered by firms in an engineering institution when they send employees to IIT Bombay, with a baseline annual pay of 16 lakhs.

Ques 6. IIT: Is it public or private?
Ans. The public technical institutes known as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are owned by the Indian government and are spread out throughout the country.

Ques 7. Are private universities a good choice for engineers?
Ans. For those who have already decided they want to pursue an engineering career, private universities are the next best choice.

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