sustainers for stringed musical instruments

The SUSTAINIACâ "Stealth PROÔ" electromagnetic-type sustainer

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Use the information on this page to plan and organize your order. When you visit our EMAIL ORDER FORM, it is less confusing if you understand all the details that you need before you go there. For Stealth PRO, there are several guitar details that you must give to us so that your hookup diagram matches your guitar. The following outline will help you to organize everything you need. You can click on a printable PDF version of this Organization Outline, so you can write down all the necessary info on your order form. First, make sure you have read the INSTALLATION, CONTROLS, and POWER OPTIONS pages if you are ordering the Stealth PRO.

Sustainiac Stealth PRO Kit ($229) includes:

A photo of the kit can be viewed: Low resolution kit pix (8kb); High resolution kit pix (71kb)

    DRIVER (transducer); Replaces your neck pickup :
    Choose driver type
  • 6-string
  • 7-string (available in black color only)
      Choose driver size:
    • Humbucker size (all are configured for standard trim-ring mounting)
    • Single-coil size
        Mounting type for SC driver only
      • Threaded for pickguard mounting (Strat, Jem, etc.)
      • Unthreaded for woodscrew mounting into pickup cavity
          Choose driver color:
        • Black
        • White (not available for 7-string)


        • The circuit board measures 3.75 x 1.1 in, 1/2 in. thick (95mm x 28mm x 12.5mm). It takes the bridge pickup signal, amplifies/processes it, and sends the amplified/processed signal to the Sustainiac driver.
        • When the Sustainiac is OFF, the Sustainiac driver is used as an active pickup. The sustainer circuit now amplifies the tiny driver pickup signal to a useable level. Pickup equalization is is done on the circuit board. Two wires are provided to allow switching between single-coil (SC) and humbucker (HB) sound.
        • We now supply two board equalizations: (1) Clear wrapper for guitars with humbucker bridge pickup; (2) white wrapper for guitars with single-coil bridge pickup (standard Strats).


          Choose one ON/OFF control type:
        • Push-pull (standard control for our kit) ON/OFF control uses only the switch portion of the control. Therefore, the original pot function (volume/tone etc.) will still retain its original function.
        • Toggle switch (optional, no extra cost)

        Choose one HARMONIC MODE control type:

        • Push-pull (standard control for our kit) ON/OFF control uses BOTH the switch portion of the control. Therefore, the original pot function (volume/tone etc.) will LOSE its original function.
        • Toggle switch (optional, no extra cost)

        Wild and crazy option:

        • Superswitch or rotary switch for Sustainiac control, can be ordered instead of push-pull or toggles.

        SEMI-INSTALL OPTION FOR MOST GUITAR TYPES: $75.00-85.00 We do 90% of the work. We supply a completely wired and TESTED set of electronics for your guitar, including Sustainiac circuit board and controls, pickup selector, volume and tone controls. You simply remove all of your existing guitar cavity parts as a "glob", after disconnecting your output jack and pickups. You can then save this "glob" of parts to restore your guitar to its original condition if desired with very little work. We now have a separate webpage that is dedicated to this: Stealth PRO SEMI-INSTALLATION page

        On this page of the website, you will see standard SEMI-INSTALLATIONS for the following guitar types:

          Ibanez Jem&REG
          Schecter Synyster Gates Custom &REG 2-humbucker guitars
          Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul
          "GENERIC" Semi-installations for most rear-cavity guitar types.

        BATTERY/POWER OPTIONS: See POWER OPTIONS page for details.

        • 9-volt battery snap (supplied with the kit)
        • Deluxe battery case (optional, $16 for single, $25 for dual, requires routing) This is a recommended option, because sustainers use up 9-volt batteries much faster than preamp-type effects. You will have to route out a cavity in the back of the guitar body to accept the battery case. We charge $25 to route this cavity if we do your installation. Use the dual case if you have active pickups such as EMG.
        • Inside trem. spring cover (with battery snap); Order trem-spring cover (black or white) with pop-off door for quick battery change, $7.50. This is the next best option. For 3-spring cavities,you move all 3 over to one side of the cavity. This doesn't affect tremolo operation. You might need to make some cavities a little deeper and/or wider to accept the battery. The door pops open with a pick or a coin.
        • Wall-power supply. This is a regulated 9-volt supply. ($25, requires installation of a new power jack)

      Guitar information:

      Each one of the installation drawings in our rather large library is based on the following specific information about pickup configuration, guitar controls (pickup selector, volume/tone controls), and output jack type. Without complete and accurate information, we cannot possibly send you the proper kit of parts. You will likely have to examine the inside of your guitar's electronics cavity.

        What is the make and model of your guitar? How many pickups does your guitar have? One, two, or three

        What type pickup selector does your guitar have? Each drawing is based on the pickup switch type. Please know what you have before you order.

        Pickup selector options
      • 3-position toggle (for most 2HB guitars, Les Paul etc.)
      • 3-position lever (Tele-style and some other 2-pickup guitars)
      • 5-position lever (Strats, most other 3-pickup guitars, "shredders" etc.) There are 4 main styles:
        • "CRL" switch. Has 8 contacts, 4 on each side of the wafer. This is the switch that Fender has used for decades. Simple, reliable, good "feel". Open construction so you can observe what is happening.
        • "Inline": Has 8 contacts that are in a straight line (These switches are usually enclosed in plastic, and in our experience are generally inferior. Wimpy "feel". Consider replacing this type with the "CRL" switch that will last the life of most guitars. ($12.00)
        • "Superswitch": Has 24 contacts, 12 contacts in a line on each of 2 sections. Has open construction so that you can see the inner workings of the switch. It is often used with coil-tapping schemes of the bridge and neck pickups, to create Strat "quack" sounds. See picture and more info on the Controls Page.
        • "VLX-91" switch used in many Ibanez guitars. Has 24 contacts, similar to Superswitch. 2 wafers, 6 contacts on each side of each wafer. See picture and more info on the Controls Page.
      • Individual toggles for each pickup (some "shredders" and custom guitars).
      • Some other arrangement. We need a detailed explanation, or we can't provide a useful drawing.

      What type output jack does your guitar have?
      The kit includes a stereo output jack for battery connection/disconnection. Replaces your mono jack.

        Guitar jack options See picture: Output jack choices, low resolution (10KB); Output jack choices, high resolution (70KB).
      • Open style (mounting nut is visible on the outside of the guitar), upper left in pictures. The mounting nut is visible on the outside of the guitar. These jacks are usually mounted to a metal plate on the side of the guitar, or onto a Strat-type mounting plate on the front of the guitar.
      • Barrel style (mounting nut is NOT visible on the outside of the guitar), bottom in pictures, also called "cylindrical". Has a 1.5 inch long body that is completely threaded. Internal contacts are not visible. You can tell by looking on the outside of your guitar, these jacks have no visible mounting nut, because the mounting nut is inside the guitar body.
      • 9-pin "switched" style (necessary for guitars with active pickups, allows connection/disconnection of 2 or 3 batteries), upper right in pictures. These are actually stereo "TRS" 1/4 in. phone jacks, but have 9 connection terminals. See PDF of hookup diagram. 9-PIN JACK
        Stealth PRO MAIN PAGE
        About Feedback Sustain
        SUBJECT INDEX and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
        Sustainiac Sound Samples
        Jackson DK-2S guitar
        OBSOLETE GA-1 and GA-2 models (no longer made or sold)

        email: info@sustainiac.com

        Sustainiac is a registered trademark of Maniac Music, Inc.
        3937 Cranbrook Drive, Indianapolis Indiana, USA; phone: 317-340-1161 PHONE: 317-340-1161

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