Motorcycle Crash Guards: To ride safely on the road - Times of India (2023)

While driving on the road, it becomes of utmost importance to keep yourself and your motorcycle protected in case of any mishap. And so, getting

motorcycle crash guards

is a wise purchase for you. These motorcycle crash guards are known to protect your bike during a skid or an accident. Typically, these motorcycle crash guards are designed using premium grade metal, which ensures their high strength.
So, if you are in the pursuit of motorcycle crash guards, take a look at some of the finest options available online in India:

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Mahabir Leg Guard for Motorcycle Suzuki Gixxer

Verse yourself with this leg guard for motorcycles from Mahabir. Available in the 54 x 5 x 24 cm dimension, the offered crash guard for motorcycles is made using top-notch iron black coated material. This product includes 1 piece of leg guard, 2 pieces of small nut-bolts for upper fitment, 1 piece of long nut-bolt for lower fitment, and 1 piece of the clamp with 2 pieces of rubbers. The offered product is designed using premium grade iron rods and comes with a 3-layer coating.

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Bikers World Spring Leg Guard

BIKERS WORLD comes up with this spring leg guard. The offered motorcycle crash guard is manufactured using the first-string metal and is available in black color. Along with this, the offered motorcycle crash guard is available in the 45 x 12 x 8 cm dimension and weighs around 2 kgs. This motorcycle crash guard is highly purchased for its sturdy nature, high strength, durability, and reliable performance.

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Spidy Moto Motorcycle Crash Guard

This motorcycle crash guard from Spidy Moto. This motorcycle crash guard is designed using supreme grade metal, which ensures its long shelf life and superior protection. In addition to this, the offered motorcycle crash guard ensures to shield you in case of crash or accident from any damage or injury. Easy to install, the offered product is appreciated for its sturdiness, rust-proof nature, and high strength.

AUTO MT Crash Protectors

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Don’t miss this motorcycle crash guard from AUTO MT that comes with frame sliders. This motorcycle crash guard is known for its heavy-duty CRC construction, superior strength, and corrosion resistance. Moreover, this product is available in the 22 x 11 x 10 cm dimension and weighs around 700 grams. This crash guard for motorcycles comes with sliders that are mounted to the frame with anodized billet aluminum collars and chrome molybdenum bolts.

SGTB CNC Crash Protector

Purchase this motorcycle crash guard from SGTB. This motorcycle crash guard is available in gold color and is known for its ability to shield your two-wheeler during a crash or an accident. In addition to this, the offered motorcycle crash guard is highly appreciated for its heavy-duty RC construction and easy installation. Other features include rust-proof nature, high strength, and reliability.
Explore more motorcycle crash guards here.
Disclaimer: The Times of India’s journalists were not involved in the production of this article.

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