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Getting your clothing line started with a clothing manufacturer can be you’re make-or-break to success decision when you are finding a clothing manufacturers for your brand. You can be the next big fashion entrepreneur in the fashion industry or simply a trendy online seller of your clothing product line.

Both require you to connect with apremium clothing manufacturerthat produces exactly what you want. And this leaves you with a question abouthow to find clothing manufacturers.

In recent years, the clothing industry has undergone intense competition. Significant brands with bigger budgets have stepped into the industry with vast experience in the field. Moreover, along with that, we have also seen a significant rise in the e-commerce sector. Many aspiring fashion brands are booming in the clothing market among customers.

You are here, which means you already might have a developed fashion business idea, clothing designs, aperfect clothing line business plan,and a niche to start with. The only thing you might be remaining with is finding a manufacturer for clothing.

At this point, you might be unsure about who to trust and how to find the right manufacturer that can provide you with the best high-quality apparel manufacturing.

To answer your confusion and questions, I am writing this article to provide you with all the details and information you need to know about the best clothing manufacturers.

Finding Clothing Manufacturers for Your Clothing Line Is Easy Now.

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Researching is simply the best way to find the manufacturer for your clothing brand. The best and easiest way is to hit the search engine with all of the queries, and this will provide you with a detailed list of manufacturers.

Don’t forget to analyse a question: “Do you really need to work with a clothing manufacturer?”


If you want to sell clothing items online through an e-commerce platform, the dropshipping option is a better fit for you, while you can still choose a clothes supplier for sourcing the clothes.

In this way, you can be free from all kinds of worries of production of your side things, as by adopting this model, you are directly working on the pre-made apparel product lines from a catalogue. Moreover, it can also help you save time, effort and unnecessary risk.

But suppose the case is that you are a fashion designer yourself or have unique ideas with a range of clothing, and you are willing to open your own brand, or you are a new startup in the industry. In that case, you need to work directly with aclothing manufacturing company.

Types of Clothing Manufacturers

Knowing what you are looking for when finding an apparel manufacturer is essential. There are differenttypes of clothing manufacturersin the market who offer you different kinds of services. Here is a list of all types of clothing manufacturers you might consider.

1- Domestic Clothing Manufacturers

Domestic clothing manufacturers are relatively easy to work with, and you can quickly meet the manufacturers, visit their factories, and discuss your requirements.

But they come with a high cost, as you need to source your products from them, which is more expensive. You will have to pay an extra amount because you will be working with the local industries.

2- Overseas Clothing Manufacturers

The cost is the highlighting benefit you get when working with the overseas clothing manufacturer. Comparatively to domestic clothing manufacturers, they offer much lesser prices. It is because of the unregulated working conditions in the industries.

Overseas manufacturers can help you produce a broad range of clothing lines, based on whether the manufacturer you are working with is professional.

3- Private Label Manufacturers

If you are looking for a faster process and want to market your product faster in the market, then private label manufacturing is a good fit for you. They are best for startups and for those who are brands focused. Private label manufacturers your clothing lines for you, and you can put your label on them.

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There are a couple of ways by which you can spot clothing manufacturers for your clothing brand.

Finding a Clothing Manufacturer by Search Engine, Directories & More

Search Engines

Search engines are the best way, no surprise, but search engines have answers to every question. So, this one too. Search engines can provide you with the best clothing manufacturers that you can work with.

One notable thing is that clothing manufacturers update their websites every while. So, you might need to scroll a bit to find a manufacturer that fits your needs and requirements. And as the internet is a large-scaled area, you will find a clothing manufacturer easily.

Industry Meetups

Industry Meetups can be a good place where you get to meet industry professionals, and there you might find clothing manufacturers offering their services or showcasing their portfolios. You can have a look and spot the suitable manufacturer for you.


Directories are another excellent option for you that you can opt to spot the proper clothing manufacturer. Directories are like a website having tons of clothing manufacturers listed on a single page. From directories, you can browse through different clothing manufacturers’ websites.

There is a number of directories that are well known for spotting clothing manufacturer overseas or locally.

Facebook Groups

Facebook- is the biggest social media platform that has almost everything. The Facebook group is full of such groups where you might find help getting the best clothing manufacturer for your brand. You might find a group having a supportive and helping community that will help you connect with the best clothing manufacturer.

People there share their experience and work process, and you might also be able to find references through which you can connect with a clothing manufacturer that will fit best for your clothing business needs.

You can join these groups, be sure to know the rules, and ask questions about how to work for your clothing brand.

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Tradeshows programs are like goldmine opportunities for spotting the right manufacturers and getting to know about the potential of different clothing manufacturers. And the best thing here in the clothing industry is that there is no shortage of tradeshows in the clothing industry.

There are tons of tradeshows that might help you meet the clothing manufacturer, or this might also be an excellent source for you to source the fabric.

What Should You Look when Choosing a High Quality Clothing Manufacturer

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So, now that you are all done with your product niche, designs, fabric, and all other resources, you will have a list of some potential manufacturers that you might think are good for you. Still, at this point, you need to do little research. We have often seen startups and brands asking about what I should look for in a clothing manufacturer?

Here’s what remains to refine when choosing the right clothing manufacturer:

Pricing & Quality

When it’s pricing and quality, we must note that’s a significant thing. You must choose a manufacturer that is potential enough to provide the high quality under a fair price line up with your business budget.


Must check the experience of the manufacturer you are choosing, and get an idea about their work quality and expertise by reading reviews and customer testimonials on their website. Before getting started, you must check if they can provide you with what you are looking for.

Sample Development

The sample is an integral part of the clothing industry. Professional manufacturer practice the sampling method. It means that they provide you with a sample first so that you assure the quality of the material or share if you want anything changed. You can make adjustments or get directly started with the bulk production.

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Delivery Time

Go with a manufacturer that can provide timely deliveries to plan your stock accordingly. Quick deliveries are a good feature, but not every time; what if they offer you the fastest services, but with the errors and mistakes in your clothes, that’s another hassle completely.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Well, it’s simple the lower the MOQ, the more beneficial it is for you. With a manufacturer who offers you a lower MOQ, like here at Zega Apparel, we offer an MOQ of 50 so that you can according to your budgets and needs.

Moreover, We have an article that will help you tostart your clothing brandif you are a newbie in the market.

How Do I Approach a Clothing Manufacturer?

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Suppose you have chosen your manufacturer and don’t know how to approach a clothing manufacturer. Don’t worry because we are getting it all done for you. When approaching the manufacturer, customers’ common mistake is sending vague messages to them.

This leaves a time and effort consuming impression on them. Here are some helping and unique statements by which you can grab their attention and take out the most information from them

  • Hello, I am a fashion designer looking for a clothing brand manufacturer. Are you able to work with me?
  • Hey there, how much would it cost me to manufacture sportswear? Thank you.
  • What’s your minimum order quantity for hoodies/tees/shirts/shorts etc?

Read a more detailed articlehere.

Wrapping up

We know that choosing the suitable clothing manufacturer with whom you can work for the long term is a critical decision. It’s a decision that you must not take lightly. Because if you choose a partner without measuring out things, you must prepare yourself to face production delays, unwanted expenses, poor work quality, and more.

So, choosing the proper clothing manufacturer for your brand is necessary. We hope this article will be helpful for you to pull things together.


Q: Should I go for a domestic or overseas clothing manufacturer?

Domestic clothing can provide a bit fast service as they work in the same state, but they are costly. On the other side, overseas clothing manufacturing is cost-effective. So if you are looking for good services at reasonable pricing, then an overseas manufacturer is a good option.

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Q: Can the clothing manufacturer make the product?

Yes, choose the proper clothing manufacturer that follows the best practices for apparel production, like someone who offers low MOQ, sample development, a vast range of clothing lines, and you are good to go.

Q: Do you need a tech pack or Mockups before clothes are manufactured?

Absolutely yes, a good manufacturer provides you with tech packs and mockups to better understand what you are going to get. Tech packs a visual file that contains all designs along with the measurements. Moreover, you can also ask manufacturers to change anything if you don’t like it.


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